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Calvary Baptist Church was organized February 23, 1927, and became a non-profit religious corporation that same year in May. Several ministers have come and gone since that time.

Our History


Calvary Baptist Church was organized February 23, 1927, and became a non-profit religious corporation that same year in May. Several ministers have come and gone since that time.

The year of 1949 began the Manuel L. Scott, Sr. era at Calvary. He successfully served Calvary as Pastor into 1982, when he was called to the pastorate of the historic Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas.

He led the Calvary Baptist Church to unparalleled recognition in local, national and global environments. During Doctor Scott’s tenure, Calvary became a completely organized institution, including the Constitution, Administrative and Advisory Council, Board of Christian Education, Standing Committees, etc., to further assist in its mission. The church experienced significant growth spiritually, numerically, and financially. A radical Tithe and Offering System was instituted, which no longer included ‘passing the plate.’ This tradition is practiced today.

Calvary has been blessed with excellent pastoral leadership; however, it may accurately be said that it reached its zenith under Doctor Scott’s leadership.


November 16, 2002 began the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Virgil V. Jones. It was in a meeting chaired by the Reverend Doctor Joseph Benjamin Hardwick, President of the Western Baptist State Convention and Pastor of Praises of Zion Baptist Church, Los Angeles, that Calvary Baptist Church called Doctor Virgil Jones to become its pastor. After meeting with Calvary’s Joint Board and a period of prayer for God’s direction in the matter, Dr. Jones accepted Calvary’s call.

Dr. Virgil Jones is no stranger to the Calvary Family for he was born, baptized, and raised in Calvary; and he has the distinction of being the last minister licensed at Calvary to preach the Gospel by Dr. Manuel Scott, Sr. before his leaving for Texas. Equally significant, Dr. Jones is the first ‘Son of Calvary’ to be called as its Pastor.

Our current ministries provide traditional auxiliaries for all ages—Sunday School, Bible Study, Prayer Sessions, Evangelism Outreach, Usher Boards, Choirs, and Missionary Circles. You are encouraged to stop by and take a look at all of our opportunities for your spiritual development.


As Calvary Baptist Church moves to the next spiritual level, we want to service you and your family needs. Whether you are a young person, young adult, older adult, or senior adult, our ministry has something for you. Whatever your current condition or church affiliation, we are committed to being supportive to you. Calvary’s Bus Ministry is here to serve you. Please contact us by telephone if you need transportation to church. Again, our number is (323) 298-1605.

This is Pastor Jones teaching a group of young men at a laymen’s regional workshop that meets every year. He also photographs and videorecords all footage with the assistance of young men and young ladies training to be of service to their local congregation.

This is one of our choirs singing for the Lord during Black History Month. We have singing groups that feature traditional, contemporary, gospel and “Down Home” musical genres. Depending on which Sunday you attend, you’ll notice a different flavor each week.

Service Times

8:30 am Sunday Prayer
9:30 am Sunday School
11:00 am Sunday Worship
12:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study.

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Calvary Baptist Church of Los Angeles 4911 W. 59th St. Los Angeles, CA 90056

Phone # (323) 298-1605


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