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It is clear that a relationship with Jesus Christ is an important step in securing a bright future. Another step we feel is helpful is to secure a college education. Our church has been a strong supporter of higher education throughout our history.

Our Pastor took us to a new level when he followed the Lord’s call to establish the College Run Program. This vision sought to prepare middle and high school students for higher education and take them around the country visiting fully accredited colleges and universities as a way to help them visualize their educational success. This paved the way for many to attend the college or university of their choice, graduate and now enjoy well-paying careers. Many of those who participated in the College Run Program are now educators, social workers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc.

Pastor Jones is now excited about how Father God has widened his call to partner with Dr. Jim Tolle, Founder and President of El Camino Christian College here in Los Angeles, to educate and equip leaders who will boldly proclaim the Gospel, serve in vibrant local churches, and penetrate and impact the marketplace through various vocations. This ministry of preparing and equipping a new generation of highly qualified, Spirit-Filled, Spirit-Formed, and Spirit-Empowered Servants to transformational leadership, will help the Church and our culture. What a blessing!

To ensure the highest quality of postsecondary education in a Spirit-Filled environment, El Camino Christian College has partnered with Randall University, a vibrant Christ-centered university with national accreditation and authorized by the US Department of Education. Randall University is named after one of America’s foremost antislavery, abolitionist leaders, Benjamin Randall. He was a man whose life was committed to being a transformational changer of society. Through this partnership, we are able to offer accredited education and Federal Financial Aid.

You can be part of this historic opportunity. No matter where you are in the nation, through our online programs you can begin now to discover and passionately pursue God’s call and mission for your life. If you are here in the Los Angeles area, we can take a hands-on approach to assist you in reaching your educational goals. Our year-round enrollment allows for incoming freshmen, transfer students or those seeking a Master’s Degree. Act now to boldly take the strategic step to be what God is calling you to be. If English is not your first language, we have classes in Spanish. Professor Jones (who is bilingual in Spanish) is praying for you as you begin this powerful journey to become all that Father God has designed you to be, and to boldly serve as a transformational leader for Jesus Christ in our community and society. Begin your Application Process today!

For more information, you may contact us at 323-298-1605 or via email In addition, we have asked the Provost of El Camino Christian College, Dr. Paul Chappell, to be personally available to assist you in the application process. You can reach him via email at; or by phone at 818-577-8170 (mobile) or 661-291-2418 (home).

Directions for Completing All Admissions Forms


 Print neatly and answer ALL questions;

 If a question does not apply to you, write N/A (not applicable);

 Submit the completed application in person, email, or fax.

 To assist you, we will carefully review your application and contact you if adjustments are needed prior to inputting it into Randall University’s Management System.


The following INSTRUCTIONS are provided to assist you in filling out your application.

Personal Information Section:

Church Information example: Calvary Baptist Church

4911 W. 59th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90056

Phone: 323-298-1605

Pastor: Virgil Jones

Birth date example: 07/02/1996

Academic Information:

 Fill out carefully and completely.

 List all colleges/universities attended whether or not you completed a degree.


Enrollment Information:

 Plan to enter – Fall 2019 Session 2.

 Full-time Status is a minimum of 4 courses. We anticipate you taking 4-5 courses (12-15 credits). Part-time Status is 1-3 courses for the Semester.

 Residential Status – Off-campus

 Sign and date Application (page 4)


Financial Aid

 At this point, you probably have not started the Financial Aid process but please begin by going to our office (661-291-2418 or 818-577-8170) for additional information.

 El Camino Christian College will provide you with a separate Scholarship Aid Application for Financial Aid from the institution.


University Information

 Answer all questions.


Mandatory Information:

 Answer all four (4) questions.





 Hand deliver to the church or

 Scan and email to

 If mailing, mail to:


El Camino Christian College

P.O. Box 150

San Fernando, CA 91341

For Assistance or to ask any questions about your application, please call Dr. Chappell directly at 661-291-2418 or 818-577-8170.

Official High School Transcript/College Transcript:

 Applicants must submit an Official High School Transcript (unless they have earned over 24 transferrable college credits). You must submit Official Transcripts from all colleges attended.

 Strongly recommend: If you graduated from a local high school, fill out the enclosed Request for Official Transcript and personally visit the Records Office of the high school you graduated from and request an official transcript. DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE which contains your official transcript.

 Hand deliver the sealed envelope to the church or mail to El Camino Christian College to the address above.



 You must obtain Official Transcripts from all colleges attended if you enrolled in courses for credit. If you earned 24 or more transferrable credits in college work, you do not need to submit a high school transcript.

 College transcripts must be official transcripts. If any of the colleges you attended are local, it is recommended you go to the Registrar’s Office of the college and obtain an official transcript.

 If the schools are not local, call the Registrar of each school. They may allow you to fax or scan and email the forms we have provided you or you may be able to request an official transcript on-line. For all transcripts that must be mailed, have the schools mail the official transcripts to the address provided on the Request for Official Transcript form or to your home address.

 If you did not graduate from high school but earned a GED, please request an official GED transcript be sent to you or the church office. Again, do not open the envelope when you receive the official GED transcript as this will make the transcript unofficial. If you request it to be mailed to the church office, request it be addressed as follows:


Randall University at El Camino

P.O. Box 150

San Fernando, CA 91341

ACT/SAT Scores

 Please request your ACT or Sat scores be sent directly to Randall University. Randall’s ACT code is 3413 and their SAT code is 0927. If you are over 21 years of age, you do not need to request these scores. If you are 21 years of age or under and have not taken either of these tests, you must register to take one of them. We strongly encourage you to take the ACT.

 National test dates for the ACT can be found at:

 National test dates for the SAT can be found at:


References: You must provide two (2) Confidential Character References

 These are Character References, but cannot be completed by family members. They must be adults who have known you for at least two years. They can be people from the church or others. It is ideal if they are people to whom you can hand-deliver the Reference Form.

 At the top of the Reference Form (1) PRINT the name of the person providing the reference; (2) PRINT your full name, and (3) date the form.

 When providing the individual the Reference Form, do the following:

  1. Inform the individual that the completed form needs to be returned to you as quickly as possible as you are applying for immediate admission;
  2. Provide an envelope for them to return the Reference Form to you in the sealed envelope.


Application Fee

 You may pay the $25 application fee in cash or by check. If paying by check, please make the check payable to El Camino Metro.




Call or email Dr. Chappell directly at:

phone: 661-291-2418 or 818-577-8170



Click on the Links to Download The Applications

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College – Randall University – Request for Official Transcript 

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