Welcome to our Ministries Page. God called us to do two things – mission and evangelism. To this end, everything we do must meet the requirements of the above. We intend to be found faithful in both categories.

This is a community health fair that we do annually. It is free and open to the public. We invite those in the health profession to come to participate in panel discussions and do health screenings. Depending on the availability of our health professionals, we discuss all sorts of topics that affect our community.

Each year, we have a Christmas Gift Give-away for children all over Los Angeles to receive something special. During this event, we partnered with a few agencies to make this a success. The woman in the red dress called herself “Granny Claus” and the children loved her.

This is a Leadership Training Seminar we do each year focusing on how we can improve our community through the work of our church. We believe that Calvary needs to make an impact in the neighborhood where our congregation meets. We believe that if our church closes and no one in the community notices, something is wrong. For this reason, we are constantly seeking to be Christ-Centered, Cutting Edge and Creative in all our endeavors.

In October of 2019, we helped over eighty (80) families receive much needed food products. We included an evangelistic message in every box to ensure that this food ministry is evangelistic. We are elated that we have been selected to offer or distribute food to the needy on a monthly basis from January through October each year.

Service Times

8:30 am Sunday Prayer
9:30 am Sunday School
11:00 am Sunday Worship
12:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study.

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